The Editor:  Is this about the racism in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, LL ?

Calico Cat:  Here are the racist in Congress from Minnesota.  Both Senators are Democratic women.  The Congresswoman for the Minneapolis district is Ilhan Omar, a naturalized African American Muslim born in Somalia.  She is also a Democrat.  Most of Omar’s time is spent dodging immigration officials about marrying her brother, and deciding which concentration camp the Jews in her district are going to be sent.

Biden was considering Klobuchar for VP, but she has a history with the cop who killed George Floyd.

The Attorney General for Minnesota is an African American Muslim, and a loyal Democrat.

The Police Chief of Minneapolis is a Black Mexican-African-American.  He replaced the previous Chief, after an officer killed a woman who called the police for help.  They learned nothing in three ( 3 ) years.

The VP of the city council is a Transgender African American.

All of these people have known and worked with each other for years.  There are no secrets between them.  If the blood of George Floyd is on anyone’s hands these people share it, not white America.  I also include the Democratic Party and MSM.

The Democrats mentioned above have their leader and moral lighthouse.  Obama is even worse.

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