This is a special about Fredo.  The second link is where he can find ” peaceful protest “.  He is smart.


The Assistant Editor:  Is this about one of the golden oldie songs, ?

Tracks of My Tears Cat:  No, it’s about a funny video.  This creature thinks she was hit by a Flash-Bang Grenade.  I haven’t seen a MSNBC/NBC employee run this fast since someone brought an American Flag to the studio.  I think it was a Tear-Gas canister.

Kayleigh should use one of those in the White House press room before every session.  Acosta would be too stupid to run.

Here is some Tear-Gas.

TAE:  Have you ever seen news readers move faster, ToMTC ?

I saw a New Jersey Turnpike police tape where a Rest Stop rest room was raided because of reports of illicit sex.  So many CNN employees ran out that I thought someone threw in a Bang-Bang Grenade.  It looked like a board meeting.  The cable employees do justice to the ancient Greek Goddess/God.

This a good account of the MSM.

Trump clearing the park next to the White House of rioters caused the Dems much angst.

The Executive Director of this movie, Dodi Fayed, was killed along with Princess Diana.

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