I hope this doesn’t happen to NYC, or Lost Angeles.


The Manpower Temp:  What is your article about today, LL ?

Vote For Me Cat:  People who are going to solve America’s problems.  Our first problem solver is Bush 43, better known as War Criminal George W. Bush.  He started the Iraq war based on lies, and caused millions of deaths and mass migrations to Europe.  He was President for eight ( 8 ) years and solved nothing.  Now he has a plan.

I wonder if the protesters ( rioters ) burned down his ranch if he would still think riots are signs of strength.

This fool was in a U.S. Senator for thirty-six ( 36 ) years, and VP under Obama for eight ( 8 ) years.  I have listed his corrupt actions for years.  His son and the Ukraine Gas Deal is his most recent accomplishment.  He appears to have some old age mental impairments.  After forty-four ( 44 ) years in office he has a plan.

Kamala ( Horizontal ) Harris is a promising VP candidate with the Democrats.  For appearances, keep the couches out of the office.  Joe is a buddy now.  Politics makes strange bedfellows.

The Louisville Police want an early curfew.

Here is a new face.  A curfew would have prevented Atlanta riots.

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