The American news media loves the Communist Chinese government.


The Editor:  What is selling today, LL ?

Moral Cat:  This woman wants to sell her Soul.  She also mentions the name of Musk’s kid, the one who got his name from a can of Alphabet Soup.

She should just rent it out like a Time Share on a house.  From what I hear she could make more money on the maintenance fee each year than selling it.  DC would be the ideal place, remember they say location, location, location.  The best times would be for elections and when they have to testify under oath.

Mueller could rent it before his indictment.

The Dems have their man.

War Criminal George W. Bush loves the protesters ( looters and rioters ).

Many black Americans know the MSM are radical liberal dems.

Liz is back in the saddle.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—–SELL WUT ?

  1. We need to send our Police-Hating rioters, MSM and Liberal Celebrities to China. Let them set a few fires at Tiananmen Square. I would gladly put some Renminbi in their GoFundMe account to get rid of all of them. I would like to see how they fare against the Chinese government.

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