The Editor:   Have you finished your search for Systemic Racism, LL ?

Reporter Cat:  Yes I have, I’ve looked high and low, over and under, around and about, to and fro, hither and yon, here and there, up and down, etc.  There is no systemic racism in America.  Racism is committed by individuals, but not embedded in laws, institutions, and customs.  This Sphinx points out some facts about the George Floyd murder.

I don’t believe anything the MSM publishes.  They lied about Russia, Ukraine, impeachment, the Mueller sham, Wuhan Flu, and anything else that Trump supports.  Since before his election all we have is lies.

The Antifa and BLM groups want to destroy America and take over the police functions. They have become political wings of the Democratic Party’s radical left.  They want money and power, violence is a tool.

I hope this is my last article about riots and looting.  The white privilege, white superiority, white anything political is a bunch of left wing, radical, Democratic, MSM crap.

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