Seattle’s government, including the governor, reminds me of the rot in the Democratic Kavanaugh hearing and impeachment.


Rhett Butler:  Who said what, LL ?

Scarlett O’Hara Cat: HBO which is part of Warner, which is part of AT&T, banned Gone With The Wind.  AT&T also owns CNN-SUX.  They are going to bring it back with a disclaimer.  They should put a disclaimer on CNN-SUX–You have to be dysfunctional sexually to host one of our shows.

This is what our viewers said about HBO’s decision.

Scarlett went back to Tara, to start MAGA.  Melanie is still alive.  Trump might put her on the Supreme Court when RBG retires.

This is what Joe Biden said when his basement was raided for sniffing and gambling parties.

This is what the Democratic Radical Left said in Seattle when someone asked for their authority to take over part of the city.

Homeland Security should have so many drones flying over the occupied section of Seattle that they think they are at a nude beach.  When they have everyone’s photo turn off the power and water.

Use what they used in Iraq to get the terrorist to surrender.  Play this, twenty-four ( 24 ) hours a day, at the decibels of a jet plane landing.

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