For our Georgia, USA, voters-Ossoff agrees with the Seattle terrorist.  Maybe he can open a Georgia chapter.



The Editor:  Did you misspell Donald’s name, LL ?

Effin Cat:  I sure did.  It was Donald’s birthday on June 9, 1934.  Here is his first cartoon.  If you look closely MS Hen has a Dr Birx scarf and grows AOC corn.

If this mayor spent as much time protecting black citizens as she does F’n, she would be a great mayor.

TE:  This item is notable because of the ” F ” word.  The woman sounds like a member of the Hollywood crowd, late night cable creep comedians, or CNNSUX–MSNBCSUXMORE.

Uh-oh, another crooked politician.

These three ( 3 ) might get justice.

The only common thing these people share is hate, like the dems in Congress and the MSM.

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