This is a great article from a Rolling Stone lefty.


The Editor:  Is Pucci a new fashion line like Coco Chanel or Gianni Versace, LL ?

Fashion Horse Cat:  I’m not talking about Cocoa Puffs, this is a serious article.  The army is talking about renaming some U.S. Army Posts.  They are concerned about the ones named after Confederate Soldiers.  They were originally named after Southerners to unite the country a little quicker, to give them a reason to feel patriotic again.  I would be like Nancy Reagan and just say no.

TE:  What about people who say those people were racist ?

The army says they were named after individuals not causes or beliefs.  You have to say no at some point, history isn’t some sanitized-sterilized thing that happened.  The next thing Jefferson and Washington will be reviled as slave owners.  They were men of their times, who created America–the slavery problem had to wait.

These lawbreakers remind me of the Taliban when they took over Afghanistan.

Jussie missed the revolution boat.

These jokers don’t pass the sniff test.  Susan Rice is being investigated by Durham.

TE:  What is important about Pucci ?

I want to change America’s name to Pucci, after Amerigo Vespucci.  Try these songs with Pucci instead of America.  Pronounced  like pooch-e.

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