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I can’t breathe.  This country is in sad shape. Isn’t Massachusetts the home state of hatemonger Senator Pocahontas ?



Sergeant Friday:  Is it dangerous, LL ?

Safety Cat:  It sure is, cops are welcome here.

As we have often reported, people will kill you for anything or nothing.  The rich and famous sometimes go crazy.

What the Fuchs is going on ?  This article is a bit disconcerting.  If you can get drugs through saliva and semen strong enough to be detected by drug tests, what is safe ?

If Ghislaine wants to keep it secret say, Bill Clinton’s twenty-six ( 26 ) flights are on it with his underage companions.

We almost forgot Bonnie in the no police BS frenzy.    RIP

Trump doesn’t fit in with the power structure in DC.  He is new and hasn’t put in his time or given enough political kickbacks.

Don’t make tough decisions while taking methamphetamine (meth ).

Astronomy Picture of the Day

APOD is 25 Years Old Today
Video Credits: Idea & Lead: Alex Dantart (, Coordinators: Josef Chlachula ( & Alice Allen (ASCL);
& APOD’s Tireless Volunteer Army of Translators and Social Media Digerati; Music: They Say, Sad Circus, Naya, Please Wait, Good God

Explanation: Welcome to the quadranscentennial year of the Astronomy Picture of the Day. Perhaps a source of consistency for some, APOD is still here. To help celebrate APOD’s Silver Anniversary, some of APOD’s TVAoTaSMD have recorded a birthday greeting and thanks to APOD’s readership in today’s featured video. Many have also highlighted a few of their favorite APOD images. In collaboration with NASA through APOD, these and other volunteers help to inform the world, in most major world languages and over most major media platforms, of NASA and humanity’s growing knowledge, active exploration, and inspiring visualizations of the amazing astronomical universe in which we live. APOD’s founders (still alive!) would also like to offer a sincere thank you — not only to our TVAoTaSMD — but to APOD’s readership for continued interest, support, and many gracious communications over the years.

Tomorrow’s picture: galactic magnetism