It was always a scam and boondoggle.  The MSM is mostly to blame, then the Democrats.

Chuba needs reality to pay a visit.

Here are Pigleosi’s statues.


The Editor:  What are our choices, LL ?

Cat Picks:  These are my choices.  The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is as corrupt as you can get.

The Pulitzer Prize Committee is tied with the Nobel dung beetles.  They gave a prize for a TOTALLY UNDENIABLE COMPLETE FRAUD.

Here is a late comer, the voters of Charm City, Baltimore, Maryland.  Vote for the candidate with the fewest corruption convictions.

Here is another little crook.

You gotta love MSNBCSMELLS, owned by Comcast.  I hope this is a short stay and Durham indicts love bird number one ( 1 ) coo, coo.

Here is a convert.


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