The Wuhan Flu is nothing to worry about. If it was dangerous, the rioting and looting would have been condemned.  If you are older and have other health problems that is different.


Joe is in hiding, but his past isn’t.

Who are you going to call when your baby is choking, BLM or the COPS ?


The Science Editor:  Is this your opinion, LL ?

Not a Cat MD:  It sure is, I’m not a medical doctor cat.  If I was an older cat, especially with other health issues I would get help with getting necessary items.  Everyone should wash their hands often, avoid crowds if possible, and if you like wear a mask.

TSE:  Can we avoid the Wuhan Flu ?

NaCMD:  No, if healthy you have to lead a normal live, like every one ever born before you.  Waiting on a vaccine is not the answer.  Even the regular flu kills over sixty ( 60 ) thousand a year.  You buys your life ticket and takes your chances.

Trump isn’t going to shut America down again.  He had to appease the MSM and the incompetent national health agencies.

Anything else I say is just repeating a fear mongering news media and incompetent CDC, & National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


  1. Aw, C’mon Mayor Selby….don’t lose your love. Your problem and the problem with all you fools was pointed out long ago by a smart man named Winston Churchill. You and all the fools like you are appeasers. Churchill said: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.”

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