Here are Pigleosi and Maxine on the impeachment thing.  They are Evel Knievels.


The Hollywood Editor:  This sounds exciting, LL.

Rodeo ( Rode-a-o) Drive Cat:  It sure is, here is my first link.  I tried to be a driver once, but without thumbs it was tough.

THE:  The car going over the cliff scene reminds me of Biden’s campaign, RDC.

It sure does, he picked a white female VP.  Here is Hollywood eliminating talent as a requirement for good acting.  It probably doesn’t matter.  The cooking channel gets more viewers, and the last good movie they made was The Godfather.

This is good news.

Celebrities love this guy.

Here is more Hollywood news.  O.J., Hertz, and the Bronco are making a comeback.

Here is part of O J’s slow speed chase.

2020 is a great year.

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