Judge Sullivan, in the Flynn case, reminds me of the cop who killed George Floyd.  His abuse of power should get him impeached.  He is an Obama toady.


BLM is a a good organization to support if you have no children, grandchildren, savings, property, etc.  Vote Democratic.



The Junior Editor:  Is this about astronomy, LL ?

Maybe Cat:  A little might show up.  It’s about follow the money or power.  Forget the black and white stuff.  The fight has always been between the rich and poor.  The rich use both against each other to expand their power and riches.  Check this out.

The interesting thing about this book is the publisher, Simon & Schuster.  An interesting fact is that Carly is Richard’s daughter.  Simon & Schuster is a division of Viacom.  Viacom is owned by CBS, what a coincidence.

This book is trash that is supposed to hurt Trump.  Printing books with big advances is the way big companies pay for favors done while in/out of power/influence.  See Clinton’s and Obama’s books and Netflix deals.

Trump’s niece is the next author. Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) must be worthless.


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