Here she is, everyone who reads knows Joe won’t finish his term, if elected.



The Invisible Editor:  Who disappeared, LL ?

See Through Cat:  Not all disappeared, some just stopped doing what they were organized to do.  The National Organization of Women ( NOW ) still gets donations, but hasn’t done anything of importance since they DIDN’T CONDEMN BILL CLINTON’S rape problems back in the 1990’s.

#MeToo disappeared when Joe Biden’s sex charges were revealed.

Jimmy Kimmel is on vacation, since his black-face appearances came to light.  He once offered a reward for anyone having proof of Trump using the N-word.  He needed Steve McQueen.

Ole Joe has almost completely disappeared.  Some say he is broadcasting from JBBN ( Joe Biden’s Basement Network.  This article contains some old photos of Joe and other traitors ( some look like secret Communist Cell meetings ).  I like the one with Joe, Strom ( KKK ) Thurmon, and Ted ( Lion of the Senate & Chappaquiddick ) Kennedy.

Black Lives Matter ( BLM ) has almost disappeared.  They have been absorbed by Antifa and your average radical liberal anarchist.  That is why statutes of Grant, Lincoln, Gandhi, and abolitionist have been torn down, they ended slavery, they did not promote it.  White culture America is the enemy.

Another ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals disappears.

The cops disappeared.

This guy didn’t disappear.

This is my all time favorite invisible man, played by the same actor who played Inspector Renault in Casablanca.

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