Here is the plan all public officials will use when you are left without a police force.  Kamala says no police force.


This story from the New York Times is so fake that the TALIBAN says the Times is hurting the reputation of the Taliban.


The Ghost Of Marion Barry-Guest Editor:  Are we getting new states, LL ?

Hawaii & Alaska Cat:  There won’t be any new states for a while, HI & Ak were the last ones.  There was a vote scheduled a few days ago.  Every time the dems run out of constructive legislation they want DC and/or Puerto Rico to become states.  The other time killer is reparations for slavery.

If you don’t like DC move a few feet to Maryland or Virginia.  Another reason this failed was that the mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser is a Communist with no taste, style, or fashion.  She won’t protect statues.  The obscene thing was painting Black Lives Matter on the street with yellow paint.  It looks like a warehouse district in nowhereville, not the nations Capitol.

The Nazi in New York City has the same problem.  His real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr.

Puerto Rico is a lost cause. They are perpetually bankrupt, and after 121 years as a territory only  twenty-seven ( 27 ) people speak English.

TGOMBGE:    Is that all concerning new states, AHC ?

Big Island Cat:  Trump is going to finish the deal on Greenland, the American troops leaving Germany are going to Greenland.

This is for the ghost of Marion Barry.


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