Biden’s buddies in China will have Hong Kong as insignificant in world financial affairs as one good riot on Wall Street would leave New York City.


Hippie Editor:  That is a slogan from the 1960s LL.  Are you a fan of the Summer of Love ?

Psychedelic Cat:  I sure am.  Amigo tells me about it while we boil shrimp and make Margaritas.

Here is an UN  vehicle with some people getting their love on the run.  They must be time travelers from Woodstock.

They were definitely keeping the piece.

The more things change the more they stay the same.  The UN had the copyright to ” If you see it a rockin don’t come a nockin “.  They made more money on bumper stickers for that than all the refugee kids in Asia that they turned over to sex pedophile rings.

Blasio is a toady.

Here is another piece story.  Trump wants to get one bill before he leaves office without amnesty for illegals and giving votes to everyone with fingers, including monkeys.  He just wants one his way.

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