You can’t meet the dems halfway on anything.  Any fool knows that.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the black freedom day.  Not even Washington has a day named after him.

Let the governor, mayor, and police chief pay for it, not the American taxpayer.


The Editor:  What is your opinion about, LL ?

Vent Cat:  BLM-Antifa-Democrats are all joined.  The BLM and Antifa have turned into the violent branch of the Democratic Party.  They are like the PLA ( Palestine Liberation Army ) doing the violet work for The PLO ( Palestine Liberation Organization.   They aren’t peaceful, and have moved from police brutality to terror, social justice if you know what that means.  Here they are giving peace a chance.

TE:  Are you concerned that you are boring our loyal readers, VC ?

I need to finish this topic, I’m not going to write about it for years like the Russian Collusion, Ukraine, impeachment, etc.  Here are a few more peaceful protests.

I haven’t seen or heard one national Democrat figure condemn these terrorist.  They will when it reaches their neighborhoods, and taxpayers will pay for their private security guards.

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