This is great.



The Sports Editor:  Are there any sports left, LL ?

Futball Cat:  Not many are up and about.  Here is a company that didn’t get much exposure at UCLA.  Maybe they should move to the SEC, the Home of Champions.  I wonder if Wheaties can have Caucasians on the box ?

Here is a great idea.  Fans can have their cutouts and/or photos placed on the screen for ball games.  I noticed Osama bin Laden is in this photo.  I’m putting Bill Clinton and Jeff Epstein photos in my seats.

They will probably charge fifty ( 50 ) dollars for a virtual parking space.  Save your money and attend the virtual Democratic Convention in Joe’s basement.  The same money will get you a virtual vote for Stacy Abrams or two ( 2 ) regular candidates.

Here is an interesting or not article, depending if it is about your team.

I guess the Olympics is my next event to not watch.

The NBA is a Chinese league.  

Měiguó sū kè sī…/

The NBA should place the Communist flag on their jerseys.

This will sure make me watch.  How stupid.  Put the names of black kids killed in Chicago on the uniforms.

The U.S. Congress must get their financial advise from the New York Metropolitans.

4 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-SPORTS

  1. Go to Hell Roger Goodell. You should toss the Theme Song to The Jeffersons into your little Kiss BLM Ass Song Schedule. I wish BLM would demand that Black Quarterbacks be placed on first string on AT LEAST half of your teams.

  2. Dear BLM: Roger Goodell said that black people are too ignorant to be quarterbacks. He said that only 2 black quarterbacks have ever won superbowls. They were Doug Williams and Russell Wilson who both beat the broncos. Black football players need to stand up to this white dude. Be firm! Don’t let him be your slavemaster. Demand those Quarterback positions NOW. He said “If I pander to BLM, these ( N word) will be happy with their salary and positions ” In fact, you should start a BlackQuarterbacksMatter movement at your first game and go on strike until he puts blacks into AT LEAST 50% of the first string QB positions. Quit letting him push you around. All Blacks should go on strike immediately after the Black National Anthem is finished in the first game. Don’t even give Goodell any warning. BQM…BQM…BQM.

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