After Atlanta’s mayor gave the streets near the burned out Wendy’s to a BLM crime boutique, and an eight year old was killed, the Georgia Governor sends in the National Guard to retake the streets.


The NFL plans to further divide America by having a black national anthem.  Can a Latino one be far behind ?


The Insurance Editor:  Can you explain what qualified immunity is and how it works, LL ?

Answer Cat:  I sure can.  Here is a brief explanation.

It varies state by state and the feds.  Basically it gives immunity to government employees, except in extreme cases.  George Floyd was such a case.  Cops can’t do their job if every arrest turns into a law suit.

As a cat what I would like to see is the law changed so that governors, mayors, and police chiefs could be sued for not enforcing laws.  If they were a sanctuary place or like the Mayor of DC and didn’t enforce laws about riots they could be sued by anyone harmed by their action or inaction.  They would have to pay for their own lawyer and any fine from their own money.

TIE:  Are Meghan and Prince Harry doing well in La La Land, AC ?

They are, except for the quarantine thing.

Here is a spider named after Pigleosi.

Here is good news for Americans and others.

RIP Charlie.

2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-ANSWER CAT

  1. That Joker Piglosi Spider does look like Nancy. She should have taken her other six legs with her to the Celebration of George Floyd’s Felonious Life. Perhaps she could have gotten off her knees without assistance.

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