This is the Governor of the year for 2020.


Vote Democratic if you want a tyrant.  Now Pigleosi’s nephew forbids singing in church.

Say it ain’t so–Joe.


The Director Editor:  What’s up with Hollywood Land, LL ?

I have Black Spots Cat:  There are more blackface people in Hollywood than real blacks in the Congressional Black Caucus.

Melanie is still going.

I wonder where the radiation is originating.  Remember a little won’t hurt.

The dems will only have about a thousand members at their convention—-much like 2016.

RIP Ennio.


  1. You can go to church, but cannot sing! Has Gavin Newsom’s last brain cell died? Has too much of that Dapper Dan hair dressing soaked into his brain? Maybe he is high on mushrooms? Did he fall into a pool of vodka and drink his way out? There is something crazy about this goofy-ass rule. I intend to ask Goofy Gavin this question in person. I am inviting him to dinner…but he cannot eat! That makes just as much sense as no singing in church.

  2. You should know better than that Mr. Martin. The Democrats have illegal immigrants (Brown People) to take care of their laundry. When Piglosi consumes too much wine (every day) she tells it like it really is. The truth slips out. Just yesterday, when Gavin Newsom and his Aunt Nancy were having dinner…Nancy said…”The South may never rise again, but our KKK has never died.” Her Personal slave told me yesterday…” I do wish Miss Nancy would take off her white hood before she drinks that red wine….she ruins so many hoods when she gets drunk.”

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