Trump and like minded Americans are the only people who can stop the Chinese take over of the USA.

Joe Biden’s family must get justice from the Sullivan Judge in D.C.  That lunch bucket must be full of Benjamins.

This is great news.  The comments are even better.



The Sandman Editor:  Is that a copyright violation, LL ?

Patent Office Cat:  I’m not sure about copyrights, anymore.  BLM use to be the Bureau of Land Management, Antebellum Lady and A Lady are in a cat fight ( I can say that-I’m a cat ) over the name Lady A.

Once the Patent Office wanted to close the office, because everything had been invented.

Huell accidentally stumbled on the first law of government.  No government agency will ever be terminated as long as there is MONEY to fund it.  That is why the biggest fault of the United States Constitution is not having a balanced budget provision.

Voting by mail is fine, and so is painting your property.

Trump should come up with a workable immigration plan for illegals ( current illegals-not future ones ).  Make them R’s instead of D’s.  Keep closing the border.

America has the world’s third largest Latino population ( about 60 million ), behind Brazil and Mexico.  Latinos being defined as people of countries in the Americas where the colonial countries of France, Spain, and Portugal once ruled.

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