Our government has continued to sell us out to the Chinese Communist.

Vote Democratic.


The continuing story of days of Maxwell’s remaining short life.


The Health Editor:  Is the title a famous quote, about heroic men going into battle, LL ?

Make Believe Cat:  No.  It’s from a book about the Korean War.  We still have such men and women, but this article is about the ones who didn’t make the grade.

The ones who failed have a psychotic problem where they lose contact with reality.  It’s called TDS.  The Atlantic is a left wing Democratic/Communist publication, but is serves my purpose.  It’s a perfect example of TDS.

The sad part is these open-border-creeps want to destroy America.  They will side with terrorist, North Korea, the Chinese Government, the Iranian Mullahs, and anyone else who wants to harm Americans ( you ).  Here is one of the most recent lies from NBC.

A lying science reporter, he must not have lied enough for the global warming-climate bunch.  Believe the science.

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