Check your weather, drink water, and put your phone in the back seat with your child.  Don’t forget your pets.

The Nile River is in danger.

SI has their new swimsuit issue.


The Unsatisfied Editor:  Who is our first unhappy person of note, LL ?

Gruntled Cat:  Our first whiner is Pigleosi.  She is going to tear up Roger Stone’s commutation papers that trump signed ( like the SOTU address ) and hold a secret meeting in the HOR basement and vote on another impeachment.  Also included is a short video of her first impeachment boat.

Our second complaint is from Americans who want to see Federal Employees who framed General Flynn indicted.  Why is Wray still working for the FBI ?

Some Portland residents are tired of BLM/Antifa.

Our Chinese NBA players are unhappy at Disney.  Give them Chinese Take-out.  Give them rooms down by the Alligators.

Disney owns the lying ABC Network.  Go to a state park instead of Disney.  Here is a Disney song.

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