Our loyal readers shouldn’t believe any of the Wuhan Flu statistics.  The MSM are trying to keep us scared.

Don’t forget to remember RBG in your prayers or thoughts if you are an atheist dem.



The Statue Editor:  Are we running out of statues, LL ?

The Bronze Cat:  We sure are, the sanctuary states & cities have about destroyed all of their statues.  It is like a heroin addict running out of dope and shooting mayonnaise in their arm.  Oregon is reduced to trying to destroy their Elk Statue, and Pioneer Family Statue.

One item not in short supply is money in D.C., and New York City.  They have enough left over after the riots to paint political slogans on the public streets.  I hope Trump remembers them when emergency money is needed.

Bill de Blassio’s/MSM mural is ugly, school bus yellow, not a mural, and tacky street graffiti.

The public political slogans remind me of Chairman Mao and his giant posters.

More Maxwell adventures.

Ghislaine doesn’t know where she is going.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion….I did have RBG in my prayers. Evidently, my prayer request was not delivered because she has been released from the hospital again.

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