The Maxwell Diaries–The Prince and Pauper—Where is Bill Clinton ?


The Same Well Mannered Editor:  What’s the difference about, LL ?

Mummy Cat:  It’s about how Republicans and Independents can’t meet the low standards of being a Democrat/Liberal/Communist.  Here is one who tried and failed.  It takes more than cosmetic surgery.

Amigo almost got the popcorn out, thinking that the Mummy was about to start.

Speaking of the Democrats and Republicans, what could go wrong with this liberal dung beetle BS ?

Anyone with anything of value, automobile, home, savings, 401k, pension, education fund, family and children who votes Democratic must want to have an early death or live under a bridge.

Joe’s advice might help a little.

Please, remember not all crooks have the attention span of a carrot, like this Congressman.

Here is one vision of a Democratic future.  The uncontrolled killers will slowly take over businesses, just like this free enterprise venture in Mexico.

If you can get it, your electrical grid will look like this.


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