The trials of Maxwell.



The Editor For Three Justice Systems:  Are there many crooked judges, LL ?

Impartial Cat:  If I had a mouse for every crooked judge in America, I would never have to hunt for mice again.  Most of them get their training on Lombard Street.

This looks like an investigative report, I’m shocked.  There are more articles under Exploiting The Bench at the top of this page.

I would include almost all judges involved in the Flynn, Stone, and other Over Throw Trump cases.  Judge Sullivan is one who stands out in his field as an outstanding legal scholar imposter, and a corrupt Liberal, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Totalitarian creep.

Here are some local legal giants in middle Georgia, USA.

If Attorney General Barr really wants to get the MS 13 terrorist he should get the tattoo artist to use infected needles.

I almost missed National Tattoo Day.  Amigo thought it was for height challenged people,  or ex Democratic candidates.

This video doubles as a Tattoo video, and a place where Biden’s mind sometimes wanders.

Portland, Oregon finally arrests some terrorist, I swear I heard Pigleosi and Schumer whining and screeching in the background.

Here is a story of two bridges.

RIP John Lewis.  This is more history.  This is actually where the Democrats, Antifa/BLM, and MSM want to return us.  A divided nation.  The racist beating the black people are Democrats.

This should be a crime.  The only letters the Democrats have a surplus of is K.  Citizens report seeing Andy throwing the Constitution or maybe the Bill of Rights off the bridge.

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