The Maxwell saga.



The Dearth Editor:  What are we short of, LL ?

Lack Of Cat:  One thing is change, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half-dollars for our older loyal readers.

This whole thing is a scam.  The stores want to round everything up to the nearest dollar–an example would be a $5.50 item would now cost $6.00.  The first thing to go will be the 9/10 of a cent at the gas stations.

Portland, Oregon is still having their Summer of love.  The citizens must approve of the anarchy.  They have a shortage of law and order.

There isn’t a shortage of these.

There is no shortage of party-goers in NYC.  They don’t believe Cuomo and de Blasio anymore.

There is no shortages of Marxist BLM/Antifa morons.

The Pigleosie’s get another bonus.

This is good news.

Oregon has some bad vibes.

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