Here is a definition of social justice, BLM already has social justice.   Individual acts of racism/violence can’t be prevented–ask the mayor of Chicago.  BLM is a Democratic Communist radical group.

Say, no way Jose.

A FedEx driver ignores Joe Biden—not good for business.  I don’t like making fun of physical problems, but I learned from the Kavanaugh hearings–the dems are evil.


The Bear Editor:  Who is a man for his time, LL ?

Teddy Bear:  Theodore Roosevelt was a man of his time.  Among other things, he greatly expanded our national park system.  A fan created the Teddy Bear, and the Ideal Toy Company.  That’s what made America great, not whining Democrats.

Trump is a man for his/our time, he also gets a bear.

Some people are easily confused.

Here is a bear for the Communist Democrat rioters.  They aren’t all Democrats, but the Democrats support them.  He needs a fireman’s hat instead of a ranger hat.

Smokey always said smoking is dangerous.

The Chinese are out in Houston.

Here is Trumpy’s Song.

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