The terrorist get their four year old to yell—*uck the police.  Where is family services ?


The Natural Editor:  Is this about wild things, LL ?

A Little Bit Cat:  It’s about a bunch of stuff.  The first is about butterflies.

The second is about Mexican caves and Africa.  Ochre seems to be like a prehistoric Roundup, it was everywhere.

This is about the DNC and Raquel Welch, when she was younger, being shrunk to the size of a Wuhun Flu virus, and searching for Joe Biden’s mental problems.  It’s a Fantastic Voyage.

This is her at a Hollywood dinner seated with Jane Mansfield.  She was asked about her expression years later, and said she was watching to see when Jane’s boobs were going to pop out.

Here is more old Hollywood.

This bull took care of business.  Thailand has a two justice system like America.

Here is how to catch a Democrat.

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