The Vermin Editor:  Is this just about rats, LL ?

Rat Master Cat:  It’s a history of rats.  That’s how cats and small dogs got to be house pets, we killed rats.  This is a brief history, not a scientific study.

TVE:  Have rats always been a problem in America. RMC ?

RMC:  They got to be a problem when the large cities developed without sanitation or simple cleanliness.  Here are the rattiest cities.  I will guess Democratic, Liberal, Communist, and the rest of the slovenly things you can think of.

Many people have had rats eating on their babies, the ones that weren’t shot in drive-by-shootings and BLM riots.

TVE:  Do the super-rats cause problems for cats, RMC ?

Psychotic Cat:  I’ll say, we get something like Trump Anxiety Disorder that the Democrats get from hating Trump.  You can see in this video that the poor cat is psychotic.  The actions are the same that Schiff, Nadler, and Pigleosi would have had if you had  thrown a Bible or American Flag in the locked basement as they were making up impeachment charges.

The rats are so big that it takes a dog to do the job.

This is the highlight of Attorney General Barr’s HOR kangaroo court.

To keep up to date—–sing along and replace dancing with rioting.

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