Here is a big explosion, caused by seven years of neglect and stupidity.   America will soon explode the same way, for the same reasons.

This is probably close to the truth.


The Clinton-Maxwell Diaries.



The Fairy Tale Editor:  Is this like Goldilocks and The Three Bears, LL ?

Jack And The Beanstalk Cat:  It’s kind of a comparison, between illegal immigrants and mass mail-in-ballots.

Once illegals get into America you can’t get them out.  The courts won’t let you.  Goldilocks would be an analogy for the illegals.  She breaks into The Three Bears house and destroys everything.  Everything has to be just right.  She runs to California and gets sanctuary.

Mass mail-in ballots will be worse.  Once they are mailed the election is doomed.  I have forwarded stories of the printer sending ballots to the wrong state, postal employees throwing them away, people altering them,  people dead for 12 years receiving them, and even dead pet cats receiving ballots.  The problems are endless.

The state legislators are forfeiting their responsibility to the courts.  It will be fun to watch.  Once a ballot is mailed it is like an illegal immigrant seeking sanctuary.  The courts want every ballot to be just right.

This is even worse than no identification–there is no physical person.

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