The Maxwell-Clooney Diary.


Maybe the Clinton Foundation needs the same scrutiny.  Maybe de Blasio should be charged for writing a political slogan on public property in front of Trump Tower.

Here is a real Attorney General.


The Disagreeing Editor:  Where aren’t you going, LL ?

Not Auburn Tiger Cat:  I’m not going on a tour of America and point out the problems, you’ll see me in the Auburn store first.

TDE:  Maybe you could fly over it and discuss things.

I guess that will be alright.

Florida is still screwed up.  These jokers must have moved from Chicago and Baltimore.

Here is a protest.

Borders still need protecting.  Disney’s rides are as bad for you as their news, ABC.

Barry and Michelle should be made to move to Chicago to teach history, gun safety, and white-collar crime.

4 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-I’M NOT GOING

  1. WOW, Lois Lion…I would have guessed George Clooney could have “gone all out” and taken Ghislaine to a Motel 6 for their little tryst. On second thought, Motel 6 would not want their pillow cases stained with Dapper Dan.

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