Why didn’t Presidents, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, War Criminal Bush 41, Clinton, War Criminal Bush 43, and Communist Obama solve this problem ?  Trump is the man.

Remember with the Wuhan Flu and normal medical problems it might be difficult to schedule an appointment—don’t be like Don Imus.

Some of these are repeats.


The Roman Editor:  Our loyal readers love Shakespeare, LL, which play are you previewing today ?

Noble Roman Not Cat:  Julius Caesar, but it has kind of a LGBTQIA twist to it.  There isn’t much noble in it.  There aren’t many real men or women in the Democratic Party.  One thing they do have in common with Cassius is a lean and hungry look

There is no equivalent to,” et tu brute “.   Maybe et tu Commala. They will lead the Ex President back to his basement.

Here is another Shakespeare play, ” Much Ado About Nothing “.  These two logos are as similar as Michelle, Princess Letizia of Spain, and the French First Lady.  Nothing is fair in politics.

Another ” Much Ado About Nothing ” is Kamala Harris.  Harris is pronounced like Clarise.

TRE:  How is Kamala pronounced  NRC ?

Just like the first letters in COMMUNIST.   COMMALA.

Getting back to Joe’s hen party the one thing they have in common is a lean and hungry look.  Hungry eyes for your country.

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