This is coming to your neighborhood.  The Democrats are nice people. Violence like this is ignored by the MSM.  These riots have been brutal for over two months.


The Maxwell-Clinton-and other Diary.   Where is the pilot ?  The one who signed Bill Clinton onboard.


This is why Amazon/Bezos/WaPo needs to be broken-up for being a monopoly.  Bezos is talking about you, if you voted for Trump.


The Grammar Editor:  Is your title grammatically correct, LL ?

Asian Cat:  It sure is, that is Joe’s Vice President pick for their campaign.  MST suggest that we use it in the future instead of her other name that is unpronounceable.  The Communist Chinese Government said that was her real name—He Jinli.

TGE:  What is the English translation, AC ?

I think it is ” beautiful lotus blossom of the tea house of the August moon “.  It could also translate to  ” the viscous red dragon of death “, or ” if I sent your 15 year old to Folsom Prison for smoking a joint I’m not sorry. ”

TGE:  Don’t the Chinese know that she is running on a ticket to free every criminal in America, AC ?

Beautiful Snow Blossom Cat:  I guess the translation got all tangled up.  They probably saw where she refused to prosecute Planned Parenthood for selling embryo parts, and thought she would help them sell kidneys removed from slaves to ill Americans.  The NBA players would bring them back in duffel bags.

TGE:  Are there other secrets that your Asian reporter uncovered, BSBC ?

There are a bunch.  I only have space for a few.  The Chinese have been doing genetic research on the dems for thirty years.  They messed up their sex chromosomes, that’s why they wind up in politics, Washington Post, CNN, or other MSM.  Here is what they will look like in another year.  I almost feel pity for them.   The creature has feet only Pigleosi could love.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—HE JINLI

  1. Good morning, Lois Lion. He Jinli is dragging Senile Joe’s ratings down. If they keep falling, he is going to be forced to build a Sub-Basement for them.

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