Say it ain’t so, Joe—-you and married Dr Jill were playing doctor.  Let’s ask the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate.


Here is some old but useful technology that He Jinli and Biden use to decide what issues to support.

Disney wants your eight year old to know about all kinds of sex.


Georgia Institute of Technology Editor:  What’s new, LL ?

Satellite Cat:  5G is on the way.  Bezos, the owner of Amazon and Communist paper the Washington Post has been a busy little komrade.

Satellites will soon be a more important part of communication.

Those Democratic Radicals are on to something.

It is hot out West.

Beatings have replaced water in the sanctuary cities.


  1. Good morning Lois Lion…if Joe Biden is elected by some freaky event…during his short stint as #46 (long enough to get his presidential picture made) We would have a Ho for a VP and a Ho for our FLOTUS. Instead of a white house, we will have a Ho house.

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