Trump makes another great pardon.  The NYT doesn’t like it–she was White.  How many Presidents and Libbers did nothing ?

The Maxwell-Slick Willie Diary.  I’m glad Bill didn’t wear the blue dress and heels.


This cat would also include the hysterical-psychotic MSM in the death of thousands.

Joe has a creepy press interview.  It’s a cross between Edward Scissor hands and Frankenstein.  He promised Carli B a press spokeswoman job, and to find where her tax money is going.


The Mixed Color Editor:  What is Black and Tan about, LL ?  Are you talking about slaves ?

Beer Cat:  Black and Tan is a type of beer cocktail.

The only slavery I discuss is in a historical context, and maybe some current cases in Africa and China.

The dems aren’t mentioning the cities ( with Democratic Governors/Mayors ) that are rioting every night.

Walmart is trying.

Kim has a pet problem.

Blasio’s wife has no problems.  Half probably have carry-licenses.

Austin, Texas has a problem.

They need Ole Sarge to straighten out the liberals.  Imagine Sarge fighting the Portland Sanctuary Anarchist.  Don’t write me about the poor Mexicans, this is an analogy.

3 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—-BLACK AND TAN

  1. Bill Clinton, Ghislaine Maxwell and DEAD Jeffrey Epstein are all child molesting perverts. I cannot wait until Maxwell’s trial exposes all the other names. I hope the children they molested are being guarded as well as pervert Maxwell and better than pervert Epstein. All the exposed child molesting perverts need to be left with ZERO money and long, long jail sentences.

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