Obama has his Netflix pay-off, for favors done.


The Maxwell Diary.

Boycott Goodyear.

We know the Democrats hate America, Israel, and any free country.

NYC is screwed-up largely because of this creep.


The Putter Editor:  Are you trying to get more readers with sex articles, LL ?

Birdie Cat:  No, that was a LPGA promotion a while back to get more people to play golf.  Sometimes golf doesn’t work out, and the athletes do other things.

TPE:  Have you been seeing a bunch of unusual names in the news lately, BC ?

Eagle Cat:  I sure have, just this week we have He Jinli whose American name is Commieamala  Charise.  Maybe the He in her Chinese name has some significance.

Maybe the Shee in Isabella’s name is also important.  Amigo said Shee was opening a sock factory on Cumberland.

These names and the circumstances are still a favorite of our loyal readers.  We realized then that the American MSM was a lost dream.

This is why we should ban any President from playing golf.

Portland needs some citizens to stand-up to the rioters, and go to the mayor’s residence.

This is an unusual frog.  I sounds like Pigleosi whining.


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