Bill Clinton & Joe Biden Diary.



The Question Editor:  Is it proper for Trump’s campaign ads to point out Joe Biden’s apparent mental condition, LL ?

Answer Cat:  It isn’t easy to watch, but is Trump supposed to ignore his apparent mental decline like the MSM ?  The dems shouldn’t nominate anyone who can’t function in normal situations.  They probably are hoping for a sympathy vote.

This candidate needs some support.  She looks better in stilettos than Pigelosi.

No, No.

The dems sure can increase the cost of everything.  They get a kickback.


  1. Good morning, Lois Lion…YEP, Joe and the Ho is gone…but I am surprised to see that Amazon does have LOTS of ANTI-Biden t shirts available. Some are very funny. “I Am Joe Biden And I Forget This Message”…”Biden Not The King Of Hands On Experience America Needs”, etc. All you Fans of THE SPHINX, should check them out.

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