This is Democrat approved.

Trump is trying.


The Chicago Mayor bans the riots from her street.  Several officials out West did the same thing.  The citizens are suckers.


The Fact Editor:  How does the news work, LL ?

Lois Lane Cat:  Something happens, and someone reports it.  If other stuff is included you are making ” fake news ” or propaganda.  Here is a small example, Trump stopped by to see his sick brother, on his way to play golf at his golf club.  This is propaganda or BS to make playing golf more important than his brother.

The American MSM is the best ever assembled to distort, lie, and make junk up.  They surpass the hated Nazis.  Check these figures out.  The MSM made 34 positive statements about Trump and 634 negative remarks.

Look to the right of Pocahontas’ shoulder, are the BLM blocks subliminal or propaganda ?

Here is more made up news.

This is good news.

TFE:  Obama has no hope for America, LL.

Wishing & Hoping Cat:   Obama got almost as rich as ex President Clinton.  I have these HOPE items that I need to clear out.

Here is more Hope.


  1. The blocks BLM are definitely tools of propaganda. They were placed in camera range intentionally. She is hoping if that Colored Woman ends up in the whitehouse, she will get a nice position in her Communist Cabinet..

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