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Our loyal readers near the Gulf of Mexico should watch their local forecasts.*%20%5BTangent%20Desktop%20Tile%5D&utm_campaign=24137492dd4845469c9705631a6fd38f&utm_source=polar&utm_medium=cpc&_ga=2.99593886.1260173079.1598028329-1476669334.1586351435

Melania replaces Michelle’s carrot garden.


The Planned Editor:  Do you believe in coincidences, LL ?

No Cat:  Are these three happenings coincidental or something else ?

The people of California would rather be burned alive in their homes without power and water than get rid of their loser Democrats.  ( Feinstein-Pigleosi-Kamala-Maxine Waters-Newsom )  They should be hunted down like the monsters they are.

The only safe places are probably Pigleosi’s and her nephew’s vineyards.

California’s government is not up to managing the state.

This is for our younger loyal readers.  It bare-ly passed the raunchy test.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Crescent Moon HDR
Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN, Dark Sky Alqueva)

Explanation: How come the crescent Moon doesn’t look like this? For one reason, because your eyes can’t simultaneously discern bright and dark regions like this. Called earthshine or the da Vinci glow, the unlit part of a crescent Moon is visible but usually hard to see because it is much dimmer than the sunlit arc. In our digital age, however, the differences in brightness can be artificially reduced. The featured image is actually a digital composite of 15 short exposures of the bright crescent, and 14 longer exposures of the dim remainder. The origin of the da Vinci glow, as explained by Leonardo da Vinci about 510 years ago, is sunlight reflected first by the Earth to the Moon, and then back from the Moon to the Earth.

Tomorrow’s picture: around a black hole