Our loyal readers near the Gulf of Mexico should watch their local forecasts.*%20%5BTangent%20Desktop%20Tile%5D&utm_campaign=24137492dd4845469c9705631a6fd38f&utm_source=polar&utm_medium=cpc&_ga=2.99593886.1260173079.1598028329-1476669334.1586351435

Melania replaces Michelle’s carrot garden.


The Planned Editor:  Do you believe in coincidences, LL ?

No Cat:  Are these three happenings coincidental or something else ?

The people of California would rather be burned alive in their homes without power and water than get rid of their loser Democrats.  ( Feinstein-Pigleosi-Kamala-Maxine Waters-Newsom )  They should be hunted down like the monsters they are.

The only safe places are probably Pigleosi’s and her nephew’s vineyards.

California’s government is not up to managing the state.

This is for our younger loyal readers.  It bare-ly passed the raunchy test.

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