The Prince Diary and latest riot.



Netflix joins Disney in sexualizing little girls.

Whitmer is a little tyrant.  Maybe she will help Trump.


The Doubting Editor:  What don’t you believe, LL ?

DNC Cat:  I can’t believe all the good things that are happening.  The DNC is responsible.  Here is a couple cramped in their house, moving to a new place because of a new baby arriving.  They will, no doubt, give their old house to the poor.

The Goodyear management are BLM liars.

The Democrats still say walls don’t work.

Hunter Biden and Bill Clinton are honored at the DNC Convention.  They want to rub your nose in it, don’t forget Joe’s problem.

New York City is laying-off 400 EMTs.

Trump should fire Esper and a few generals.

Oh, look.

Something is going on at Fort Hood.

Solomon looks like Pigleosi.

Our current rioters don’t know how to protest.


  1. Good job from the the Kenosha residents firing the warning shots. These rioters are democrat scum bags supported by their sorry elected democrat leaders.

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