Our loyal readers in Texas, and Louisiana should check their local forecast.



The Editor:  What does boutique mean, LL ?

Language Cat:  It’s just another way to steal money legally.  When they start using new names for things watch out.  A rustic place in Italy is really a rat hole with no electricity or running water ( much like California ).

Be extra careful of anything named Bodega.  They are old 7-Eleven stores that were closed because of too many rats.  Bodega is Spanish for get your Cocaine, Hash, Mary Jane, Heroin, Meth, and needles here.  Ring our temple chimes for faster service.

Bill de Blasio, is moving some of the homeless to a boutique hotel.

Bill’s wife must have directed the move.  She misplaced $850 Million in her previous work with the city.

Her additional staff of 14, with a salary of $2 Million must have inspired her to develop the new plan.  Maybe one of them can read, write, and learn her how to add.

Between de Blasio and the retarded governor Cuomo’s policies on the Wuhan Flu there are more empty rooms at assisted living facilities than we killed with an Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima.  They could turn those facilities into Dow Chemical Boutiques since the article says only plastic bags are permitted to hold personal items.

Maybe the lady paying $5,000 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment will move to another state, and leave her Democratic values in NYC.

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