More details of the Kenosha shooting are being released.  Jacob appears to have been armed with a knife.

A suicide prompts another looting spree.


Laura news.


All of the professional ball teams can take their ball and go home.  I don’t care.  It’s just entertainment.


Adam Schiff is spotted at the WWE match.


This is great.  Europe is old enough to take care if itself.  They even have Nuclear Bombs.  Bring all of our people home.


The United Nations Editor:  What is  UN about, LL ?

Not Cat:  For our new readers it’s about ancestry. The Bible would say Kim il-sung begat Kim Jong-il: and begat Kim Jong-un and Kim Yo-jong

I still like the Chinese name for Commiemala, He Jinli.

In reality Kim Jong-un is easier to locate that Joe Biden.  As any pot-smoker in California can verify, He Jinli makes Kim Yo-jong look like a G-irl Sc-out.

The businesses are leaving the riot cities.  Pretty soon the remaining businesses, home owners, car owners, and people won’t be able to afford or get any kind of insurance.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—UN

  1. The first post in section 3 about covid should be required reading for every American. We have allowed the democrats to use this ridiculous CHINESE FLU virus to hold Americans hostage. It did help in the case of New York…Governor Cuomo managed to KILL THE ELDERLY IN NEW YORK NURSING HOMES…then blame it on Trump.

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