Oh no,  Newsom the California Governor ( Pigleosi’s Nephew ) might have been naughty.


The Who Editor:  Who decided that election day is now election week, month, or other, LL ?

I Know Cat:  The Democrats and News Media decided that with the Russian/Trump USPS scandal that it might be  January 20,  2021 before a winner is decided.

Goofy Man said that Trump was going to close all polling locations in the nation at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Citizens in  the other time zones should vote early, he advised.  God is going to help.

TWE:  What can our loyal readers do ?  It sounds like a fuster cluck.

For Sure Cat:  It will be for sure.  They should start storing essential items.

Twitter doesn’t care about you.  I hope no one prints the Board of Directors names.

The Democratic Governors and Mayors don’t care about their people.

Joe & He Jinli’s campaign loses a tire.

This is for our University of Georgia fans.  Forty years is half a life-time.


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