The Trifling Editor:   Do you have some new words for our loyal readers, LL ?

The Infrequently Accessed Cat:   I sure do, sometimes I’m caught with no response when a little known word is used.  The first is ” gadding “.

It means, if you are a Democrat, going around town and burning down everything/anything.  You can also kill people.

I like this one, it sounds like a cyborg creature.   It is sometimes called a ” crawler “.  Oooooh

Derecho is a great one.

I thought this was a city in Turkey.

This is from young people.  It is a form of aggression, much like a question mark or comma.

Teachers should be careful about virtual classes.

This should close-out this article, bastar*.  Like many insulting words its meaning has largely changed since the sexual revolution.  I guess now it is used with poor, stupid, ignorant, your/our, and usually with Democrat.  Joe Biden likes it because without its use he has five ( 5 ) grandchildren.  Where is Joe ??????


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