This is why Biden and his Democrats need to be squashed like cockroaches.

Nancy tires of blaming Trump, and blames her salon owner for breaking the quarantine rules.  She was probably drunk.

These are the people that the dems and MSM are using to stoke the race-BS.




The World Editor:  Does America really need a military, LL ?

Patton Cat:  We sure do.  America needs protecting from enemies just like citizens need protecting from Antifa, BLM, and regular crooks and killers.  Here is a good speech about our foreign policy.

TWE:  Do we have any current enemies, PC ?

Asia Cat:  China is making some unusual decisions in the Pacific.

China threatens Taiwan.

Our NATO ally is doing crazy things.

This is a repeat article.  Europe has had 75 years to get a plan together.

India also needs an army.

Maybe a chant would help.

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