The Republicans should be in court in every state opposing the mail-in-vote scam.  People are already voting.

The mayor of Portland is moving to avoid the rioters/looters/arsonist.  Can you move to save your family ????  He is their biggest supporter in the entire state of Oregon.


The End Editor:  Is this really ” the end “, LL ?

Pick Your Reebok’s Up At The Door Cat:  Everything is a cult at MSNBC.  Their minds are on Heaven’s Gate, for our new loyal readers.

Trump even has an asteroid coming to pick everyone up.

The MSM schmucks should worry about their investments, Trump is giving them to his voters.  After he gives all of the “big wigs ” money away he is going to send them to Guantanamo Bay Cuba ( Gitmo ).

Here are Kamala & Joe trying to steal a mattress ( it’s an emergency ).

This is a sad affair for a once great city.  Liberalism can kill anything.

Two things that can’t die quick enough.



  1. Something has got to be done about this mail-in voting fiasco. I do not care if they have to Delay Election Day until this fake virus is settled, extend the days polls are open…form lines a mile-long for social distancing..SOMETHING has to be done to stop this Democratic PLOY! It is absolutely ridiculous…if you can go to the grocery store you can go vote. If you can take your ballot to the mailbox, you can take your ass to the polls. We cannot let this happen in AMERICA! If it is safe for Bitch Piglosi to go UNMASKED to a “closed to the public” hair salon….let’s throw these crazy ass masks away and get back to living in America.

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