The Editor:  Is this a test, LL ?

Monitor Cat:  It might be.  Can you spot the ” sanctuary states & cities ” and match them with the riot locations ?

Can you believe the Rolling Stone Paper told the truth.

This is a repeat for our new readers who think American news organizations are ethical.

I hope Trump pardons Snowden.

This looks hopeful.

Current financial news.

It looks like the violence is working its way up to the people with the power to stop it.

One thought on “THE SPHINX—CAN YOU

  1. Yes. President Trump should pardon Snowden and investigate the NSA employees participating in the illegal eavesdropping activities. I wonder how much of the “illegally taken info” Google and Facebook have already bought and sold & sold & sold? This is a big deal to me. NSA acted as if Biden and Sanders had already won and we were already a Communist country. Americans have no privacy anymore and actually we have not had any in many years. IF WE EVER DID….WE NEVER WILL AGAIN..THE INFORMATION THIEVES WILL JUST BECOME MORE COMPETENT AND CREATIVE IN HIDING THE EVIDENCE. THEY WILL HAVE THEIR OWN LITTLE COMMUNIST CLOUDS.

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