Anyone who is not a boot-licking Democrat for the MSM believes NOTHING THESE CREEPS SAY.  I added Steve Job’s widow who owns The Atlantic to my list of repulsive, vile, dung beetles.

This is their end-product, their stock-in-trade.  They live for this.


The BLM political organization couldn’t care less about black lives.  Vote Democratic for this law enforcement in your neighborhood.

Six more judges are on the way.


The Liberal Anarchist Editor:  What will happen if Trump loses, LL ?  What is coming for the poor bastards in the Sanctuary States ?

Insurrection Cat:  If Trump loses these are some of the coming attractions.  The airlines who won’t refund your money for flights they cancelled will apply this progressive idea to all flights.

They will apply this Democratic goal to all restaurants in America.  Joe and Hunter got this idea from China, along with $1.5 Billion.

All White people will have to attend a presentation by Chelsea Clinton on how to not be White.

Rumor has it that the Trump vaccine will turn all Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, and other people White.  Just as White as Pocahontas.  It changes the genes that determines melanin and other things in your body.

The Cathy Smith Foundation will administer the vaccines.

Even Bolton says The Atlantic and Steve Job’s widow are fakers.

Disney and the NBA should move to China.

Oil will be free, like in Venezuela.  Joe and his anarchist want to bring this workers paradise to you.



  1. Since I became unemployed a new opportunity opened for me, I have the first Chelsea Clinton ” lose the white bodega “. Please, stop by.

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